Cheat Engine 6.4

Modify your games with this software that provides access to the coding behind the program

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Cheat Engine 6.4
Cheat Engine 5.6

Cheat Engine is a cheating tool designed for use in video games. Through the program's input console, users can change various values within their games. Doing so amounts to cheating or hacking, but the results can be quite beneficial. This particular program is designed for older gaming titles and won't work with today's games. Similarly, compatibility only applies to single player games. Online titles, for better or worse, are completely excluded from use with the Cheat Engine program.

Cheat Engine: A Question Of Fun, Not Right or Wrong

Since Cheat Engine is used with single player titles, users shouldn't worry about right or wrong here. The program requires an advanced knowledge of how games work, but an included tutorial makes things a little easier. Essentially Cheat Engine displays the code of a game with modifiable values. Depending upon the value's nature, a user can affect gameplay by changing a given value. Doing so could give someone more lives, more money, or another benefit like invincibility.

Luckily, Cheat Engine scans an entire game's code to determine which values exist. A few changes to specific values will lead to dozens of different results. Users could customize the game to their liking in numerous ways. Debugging features are found in Cheat Engine as well, so this program isn't necessarily designed for players alone. In fact, many developers use Cheat Engine for older titles, especially those with a thriving mod community, which is an incredible development.

Where Cheat Engine Falters Today

Cheat Engine was originally designed for Windows XP, so the program features compatibility issues with today's games. Therefore, the program should be reserved for use in older titles from before 2007. Nobody will open the program and start modifying values right away with success. It's a complicated program through and through, so the tutorial should be considered mandatory by all potential users. Even after the tutorial is completed, novice users might find themselves a little confused or apprehensive.

Is Cheat Engine Worth Your Time?

For players of older video games, Cheat Engine might be worth a download. Players can modify their games in countless ways, leading to an entirely new experience. A lot of footwork is required to make Cheat Engine do what it's intended to accomplish, though. In the end, users that put in enough time will be rewarded with a versatile program and a better gameplay experience. Cheat Engine is a niche piece of software, but many gamers and developers continue to use it from time to time. The program is worth the time and effort despite some glaring shortcomings related to compatibility.


  • Change hundreds of in-game values to your liking..
  • An in-depth tutorial is provided for the program for brand new users.
  • Hundreds of older games are compatible with the software.


  • Despite the tutorial, Cheat Engine is an advanced program.
  • The program doesn't work with online-enabled games.
  • It's quite an old program with no compatibility for today's games.

Cheat Engine is a utility that allows video gamers to easily change the behaviors of games. Gamers enjoy their hobby for any number of reasons, from overcoming the challenges that video games present to appreciating the stories and beautiful graphics they can offer. While many gamers are often content to play through games just as their makers delivered them, others find they get greater enjoyment if they have more freedom. Cheat Engine is the most recognizable and most popular software utility of its type that helps gamers adjust games to their liking.

For example, one of the most common uses for the software is that gamers can increase the number of lives they are given in games that limit them. Users of Cheat Engine have access to an enormous variety of already-existing cheats of this sort, so they typically only have to find the name of the relevant game in a list provided in the program and then select which cheats they would like to enable. Cheats of this sort, contributed by the program's users, are available for virtually every well-known single-player game, with the most popular ones often having a wide variety of them.

More advanced users may seek to develop their own cheats. The program works by modifying values in a computer's memory so that when games look up these values, they are given the ones put there by Cheat Engine, instead of those that would normally be present. Users of Cheat Engine are provided with a number of tools to make hunting down and manipulating these useful memory locations easier, and even beginners often find that they can quickly get the hang of developing basic cheats.

One word of caution: Cheat Engine is not meant to be used with multi-player games. Most multi-player games incorporate anti-cheating technologies that will root out and condemn efforts of this sort; gamers who attempt to crudely overstep these boundaries might find themselves banned from servers or worse. As a tool for single-player games, however, the program is unparalleled among its kind, and a worthy one for any gamer interested in the capabilities it offers.


  • Vast database of existing cheats makes modifying popular games easy
  • Developing new cheats is easier than many might expect
  • Program is reliable, resource-friendly and straightforward to use


  • Careless or uninformed users may sometimes find that the program's power backfires on them
  • User interface could be prettier and sometimes lacks clarity

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